When Did Instagram Change Its Logo?

Instagram, as we all know, is one of the most popular and widely used social networking platforms of all time. It has over 1 billion users, and we all utilise it on a daily basis. This programme, which has almost become a part of our life, allows users to access a wide range of photographs and videos and takes up at least a couple of hours of our time each day. It is also a method to keep in touch with individuals we follow and their lives, in addition to being able to see what is going on across the world at all times. Because it is an app that we use frequently, we are familiar with its logo and design. So, when did Instagram’s logo change, and how did the original Instagram sign look?


On May 11th, 2016, the Instagram logo was updated on both the iOS and Android apps. It appears to be quite familiar now, but it didn’t appear that way when it initially changed. Despite the fact that it was first unwelcome, the design evolved for the better. Despite the vast alterations in design and colour palette, Instagram’s emblem remains the friendly-looking camera that has been synonymous with the brand. What Happened to Instagram’s Logo? Instagram was mostly used for its original filters and effects when it originally launched. However, over time, individuals altered how they used it, and the logo began to no longer symbolise the massive social media platform it had become.

Following the debut of the new logo, Instagram’s head of design, Ian Spalter, remarked that the old logo didn’t reflect the community and that they understood they could do better. You might also enjoy this article: Why is it that I can’t tag someone on Instagram? Many users wonder, “Why can’t I tag someone on Instagram?” It’s a common Instagram blunder,… What Was the Instagram Logo Like Before? Some of you may recall, and others may be newer to the programme, but the Instagram logo was a brown-beige retro polaroid camera with a rainbow stripe on top until May 11th, 2016. When comparing the two logos, the Instagram emblem altered, but the bright theme and polaroid camera remained.

What Else Has Changed as a Result of the Redesign? The emblem wasn’t the only thing that received a makeover. The design was also brightened, giving the app a more youthful appearance. The colour of the notification symbol changed from orange to red. Instagram’s in-app experience was cleaner, with black-and-white contrast in the letters. These adjustments also draw attention away from the app’s theme and toward the videos and photographs that have been submitted. Another enhancement is that Instagram’s search, camera activity, home, and profile buttons have been updated to match the new logo.