Achievements Requirements
To New Rome Capture one hundred regions.
Accomplished Strategist Complete Campaign mode on easy difficulty mode.
Affairs of Honor Use your dueling warriors to kill twenty men on the “field of honor”.
American hero Complete the Road to Independence campaigns, saving the American colonies from British rule.
Assassin! Use your assassins to kill twenty men who jeopardize your plans.
Blooded Complete ten multiplayer battles.
Bloody Madman Kill a hundred thousand enemies.
Command of the Ocean Win ten multiplayer naval battles.
Conqueror of All Kill a million enemies.
Drumbeat to Victory Complete a quick battle.
Emperor of Europe Subjugate and keep under your control all the provinces and regions of Europe at the same time.
Expansionist Power Capture ten regions, anywhere in the world.
Founding Father Conquer a region, anywhere in the world.
Grand Tactician Win ten classic multiplayer battles.
Into the Breach! Win ten multiplayer Siege Battles, leading a Siege Army.
l337 Guard Achieve victory in ten multiplayer battles.
Maharajah of the Indies Get to dominate all the provinces and regions of India at the same time.
Marshal’s Baton Achieve victory in fifty multiplayer battles.
Master of the Americas Conquer or control all the provinces and regions in the Americas at the same time.
Watch Diplomatic Niceties Use diplomatic threats to your advantage, earning profits in five separate negotiations.
Only Obeying Orders Make sure you bring thirty missions to a successful end, regardless of their details or type.
Perfidious Beast Use treason to your advantage by turning against at least five allied nations, attacking them later.
Polymath Have all of your naturopathic philosophers and scientists researching all available technologies in your nation.
Raw Recruit Participate in a multiplayer battle.
Strategic Genius Complete Campaign Mode on Hard Mode.
The “Chevaux de Frize” Win ten multiplayer siege battles directing the defenders of the fortress.
The Efforts of Others Successfully steal five technologies investigated by other nations.
Tyrant and Ogre Kill half a million enemies.
Veteran Strategist Complete Campaign mode in medium difficulty mode of tft cheat sheet       
Whiff of Grapeshot Complete a battle for score.


Achievement Description
Founding father Conquer a region anywhere in the world.
Expansionist power Capture 10 regions anywhere in the world.
Recruit satin Sir, war is a terrible experience! Participate in a multiplayer battle.
Race Show your sense of honor and duty: Complete ten multiplayer battles.
Shrapnel scent Gain Combat Experience: Complete a Ranked Battle.
A new Rome Demonstrate outstanding ability and capture 100 regions.
American hero Complete the Road to Independence campaigns and free American colonists from British oppression!
Master of the Americas Conquer or control all the provinces and regions of America at the same time.
Crazy butcher Travel a bloody path to victory: kill 100,000 enemies!
Drum of victory Draw the sword and start the march: complete a quick battle.
Guard l337 Achieve victory in 10 multiplayer battles and relentlessly trample on the plans of your enemies.
Great Tactician Win 10 classic multiplayer battles.
Veteran strategist Complete the main campaign on medium difficulty level.
Perfidious beast Make the most of betrayal and attack at least 5 allied countries.
Matters of honor Use your duellists to kill 20 men on the field of honor.
Wise Have your natural philosophers and scientific researchers research all the technologies available for your country.
Just obey orders Be sure to complete 30 missions of any kind.
Ocean commander Win 10 multiplayer naval battles as admiral in command.
Consummate Strategist Complete the main campaign of the game on easy difficulty level.
Marajá de las Indias Gain mastery of all provinces and regions of India at the same time.
The effort of others Get to steal 5 technologies investigated by other countries.
Ogre and tyrant Terror men: kill 500,000 enemies!
To the gap! Attack! Attack! Attack! Win 10 multiplayer Siege Battles as you lead a Siege Army.
Friesian horses We must defend ourselves, sir! Win 10 Multiplayer Siege Battles by directing the defenders of a fortress.
Marshal’s Staff of Command Achieve victory in fifty multiplayer battles and shatter the hopes of your enemies!
Emperor of europe Conquer and keep under control all the provinces and regions of Europe at the same time.
Observe diplomatic niceties Take advantage of diplomatic threats to make a profit in 5 different negotiations.
Assassin! Use your assassins to unexpectedly kill 20 men who hinder your plans.
Conqueror of all Be praised as a true conqueror: kill 1,000,000 enemies!
Genius strategist Complete the main campaign on the hard difficulty level.